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Why I Built This Course For You

Welcome! I wanted to provide a quick overview of the course and why I created it. Take a few minutes to watch the video and scroll below to see everything that's included in the course. 


Over 200 Videos Of Applied Team Sports Knowledge

A curriculum developed to provide the techniques and models to be successful.

Hundreds Of Research Papers, Diagrams and Charts

Received downloadable documents and resources to keep through your career. 

500+ Hours Of Experience In Team Sports

Learn from the leaders in strength, sports science, recovery and much, much more. 

So You Want To Work In Team Sports?

This course will walk you through the different protocols, models, and practical examples to learn & understand the future of team sports. 

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Holistic Team Sport Organization

Too many organizations silo their departments. This course outlines how to build a holistic organization that has each department working together.

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Ivi Casagrande

"Team Sports Masterclass should be taken by every coach, young or experienced, in order to really understand the big picture and real world application when working in team sports. Not a lot of courses I have seen cover so many important holistic concepts and how to really navigate the challenging and chaotic world of working in sports." 

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5+ Hours In Each Module


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